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On arrival
Before considering admitting waste into our facilities, it must be subjected to a preliminary acceptance procedure. This allows us to check if the waste complies with our operating requirements and if it is compatible with our pre-treatment process. If that is not the case, the process stops at this stage. If the waste may or can be accepted, each batch delivered later is monitored and any batch which does not conform is rejected. It is either sent back to the provider or sent to another pre-treatment centre authorised to admit it which will take care of it.

Equipped with both qualified and experienced staff, representing 25 % of the total workforce, and the best available technology, our laboratory carries out quality and compliance checks throughout the various stages of the production process.

Safety is paramount as tests focussing on the flash point Flash point:
Defined as the lowest temperature at which a combustible
body emits enough vapours to make with ambient air a gaseous mix
which can ignite with a calorific energy source such as a flame,
but not enough for the combustion to go on by itself
(the inflammation point has to be reached). If a flame is not needed for inflammation,
it is then called self inflammation.
, reactivity Reactivity:
Capacity of a body to react chemically in a more or less violent
way to external solicitations such as contact with another body, temperature, radiations, ...
and compatibility between products are systematically carried out on batches submitted for acceptance.

On dispatching Before dispatching our end products to cement plants, we carry out a physicochemical analysis on each batch produced aimed at checking product conformity in relation to the recovery company’s statutory and authorisation obligations . If the batch is not of the required quality, it is isolated and treated again. Each sample is kept for a minimum of 6 months, in a sealed container, and is available to the authorities.





30 % of the staff are dedicated to the lab and quality control task